Welcome to Corbeau Exotic Leathercraft

Corbeau is a Cape Town-based company that manufactures and designs exotic leather products. We specialise in Crocodile and Ostrich leather handbags as well as small leather goods. Our clients are spread over southern Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and China; some are second-generation clients going on for third generation. .

Feel free to browse our live social media feeds here, and should you have any questions or require specific product information, please contact Corbeau on 021 593-0602 or send an email to corbeau@corbeau.co.za “You know you’ve got a superior product when a client’s daughter brings in a handbag that was bought by her mother (and used daily) from Corbeau 38 years ago...simply to replace a worn out handle! Needless to say, we were honoured to make the slight repair...”

Tradition and Quality Crocodile